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Space Science and Technology Centre

With established partnerships with NASA and Lockheed Martin, the Curtin Space Science and Technology Centre is home to the largest planetary research group in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why we exist

Exploring the origins and evolution of our solar system and conducting research fundamental to space exploration, the Centre is unique in combining blue sky science with engineering and industry engagement.

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Meet the team

A vibrant collection of staff and students from around the world coming together at Curtin University.

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Space Missions

Information on the current Space Missions members of the Space Science and Technology Centre are involved with.

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Together with NASA

NASA recognises Curtin as the formal representative of Australia’s planetary science community. In 2015, Director of the now SSTC, Professor Phil Bland, brought Australia and NASA together in a formal partnership. It allows for ground-floor access for Australian researchers in mission concept development, and enhanced opportunities for collaboration with US NASA teams. Since 2015 the partnership has flourished. It has been a vehicle for the growth of an Australian planetary community and has driven increased collaboration and grant success.

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