SKA Astronomy Supercomputer

Internal collaborations

External collaborations

  • Space agencies: NASA (via the SSERVI programme), particularly NASA Ames, JPL & JSC; ESA; JAXA
  • Industry primes and defence: Lockheed Martin Space Systems; DST Group
  • Academic institutions: Imperial College London; Smithsonian Institution; University of Wisconsin; Swedish Museum of Natural History; University of Glasgow; MIT; PSI; LPL; SETI; CNRS; SWRI; ANU; UNSW; Monash; University of Melbourne; University of Sydney; University of Southern Queensland; Macquarie; UWA; UNSW Canberra; Observatoire de Cote d’Azur (Nice); Museum fur Naturkunde (Berlin)
  • Government partners: Australian Synchrotron; ANSTO; DTS Group; State Museums