Why we exist, what we do

Australia NASA Planetary Partnership

Planetary exploration addresses some of humanity’s greatest science, technical and philosophical challenges and research from the Space Science and Technology Centre is fundamental to these endeavours.

Planetary science and engineering underpins the exploration of space. It is fundamental to space agencies worldwide and Space Science and Technology Centre at Curtin has the largest research group of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – collaborating with world leaders in the space sector like NASA, ESA, JAXA and Lockheed Martin.

Planetary exploration has the potential to drive scientific, technological and commercial innovation, as well as inspire the much needed next generation of scientists and engineers.

Our knowledge of the Solar System – how it was formed and how it has evolved – is increasing dramatically as technology improves, telescopes become more powerful and more robotic spacecraft visit more planets, moons, comets and asteroids – with each of these objects having their own unique composition and story of how it has formed and evolved. By studying and comparing these objects, and by looking at interactions between them, we can find out more about the dynamic system in which we live.

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